Oregon Capital Resource Center

Jeffrey Ellis, Director
621 SW Morrison Street, Ste 1025
Portland, OR 97205
206/218-7076 (c)

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Oregon Capital Resource Center
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The Oregon Capital Resource Center is dedicated to facilitating and coordinating high quality legal representation in death penalty cases in Oregon.

The Center serves as a resource, advocacy, and training center for attorneys, mitigation specialists, and investigators representing capital clients in pre-trial, trial, and post-conviction death penalty cases, and provides direct representation in capital cases. The Center is available for consultation and to provide assistance in every capitally charged felony case and case in which a death sentence has been returned.

In addition to providing assistance to counsel, the office provides the following specific services and resources:
  • Pre-Trial Investigation and Planning for Both Guilt and Sentencing Phases, and Preparing for Post-Conviction Cases, including:
    • Theory & Theme and Litigation Strategy Development
    • Mitigation Investigation Planning
    • Forensic Fact Investigation Planning
    • Mental Health Evaluation Planning
    • Expert Referral Service
    • Making the Record to Obtain Appropriate Funding and Time
    • Assisting with Client Relations Issues
    • Assisting with Developing Settlement Strategies
  • Pre-Trial and Post-Conviction Pleadings, including:
    • Coordinating a Motions and Pleading Bank
    • Tracking New Legal Developments for Capital Cases
  • Assistance at Trial and Post-Conviction, including:
    • Assisting with Life-Qualification Voir Dire
    • Entering Cases to Assist in Litigating Particular Issues
    • Providing Model Jury Instructions
  • Training, including:
    • Maintaining a Library of Resource Materials Useful to Defense Counsel and Mitigation Specialists
    • Planning Capital Defense CLE Programs in Conjunction with OCDLA
    • Update National Capital Defense Training Program and Seminar Listings
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